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Nervous…System Support

My last post about standardization and open source scheduling software for integrated systems got me thinking more about the post-sales support side of those systems. As many of you know, systems can be very expensive so end-users are making critical … Continue reading

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“To PM or not to PM, that is the question.”

With sincere apologies to The Bard, this is a quandry that is often faced by many lab managers when their facilities group or a vendor informs them that a preventive maintenance procedure is being scheduled. How do you know when … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need An Extended Warranty or Service Contract? (Part I of 2)

Budget time…you know the drill.   Salaries, supplies, new equipment and oh yeah, ongoing maintenance support.   Has there ever been a more sexy and attention riveting topic than maintenance budgeting?  Your options are pretty straight forward; Annual Service Contracts  (typically … Continue reading

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