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Power To The People!

One of the most challenging problems faced by field service techs and engineers is intermittent failures that appear to have no discernible root cause.   Well…as least not an obvious one like a loose cable or belt.   More often than not, … Continue reading

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Good Reads about Mult-Vendor Support

Thought I would share a few articles and interviews that talk about Asset Management and Multi-Vendor Service support. Next Generation Pharmaceutical –Outsourcing Asset Management,  Bob Moore – GE Healthcare, interview Lab Manager Magazine – The Evolving Service Model   ; Good … Continue reading

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What is the opposite of TMI?

I am a big fan of Lab Manager Magazine.   I am an on-line and print subscriber and find it to be a great source of information regarding lab trends and support. Having said that…I was a bit disappointed by a … Continue reading

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Nervous…System Support

My last post about standardization and open source scheduling software for integrated systems got me thinking more about the post-sales support side of those systems. As many of you know, systems can be very expensive so end-users are making critical … Continue reading

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How Do I Support Thee, Let Me Count The Ways…

Ever walk through a research lab and wonder ‘how do they keep all this stuff running?’   Well, I do and I make it a point to ask.   From the many labs I have spoken with, the definitive answer is…’depends.’   … Continue reading

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