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Power To The People!

One of the most challenging problems faced by field service techs and engineers is intermittent failures that appear to have no discernible root cause.   Well…as least not an obvious one like a loose cable or belt.   More often than not, … Continue reading

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Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?

“A picture is worth a thousand words…so even at a reduced frame rate of 15FPS, one minute of video has to be worth 900,00 words.” – Me For better or worse, advances in cellular communications are making the once seemly … Continue reading

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What is the opposite of TMI?

I am a big fan of Lab Manager Magazine.   I am an on-line and print subscriber and find it to be a great source of information regarding lab trends and support. Having said that…I was a bit disappointed by a … Continue reading

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Well Equipped…Part 1

Not every instrument failure requires a call to the manufacturer (OEM)  or an independent service organization (ISO).   Some simple and common failures can be rectified by just about anyone with some common sense and common tools.      Can’t help much with … Continue reading

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DIY in the Lab

Things break in the lab. Here’s how to protect your equipment, and what to do when it stops working. By Jeffrey M. Perkel | March 1, 2013 With NIH funding fewer than 20% of the research grant applications received in … Continue reading

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IT’s an IT Thing

We’ve been hearing a lot of our customers ask about various lab instruments being compatible with Windows 7 lately.   Seems  IT groups everywhere are struggling with the eventual demise of Windows XP.  Already unavailable for new PC’s since 2010, Microsoft … Continue reading

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