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Aye Robot…

The first lab robot was introduced by Zymark Corporation in 1982.   The Zymate robot was used to move labware between various instruments in a ‘pie’ shaped work area, simulating the same procedures followed by theoretically higher priced lab researchers and … Continue reading

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Buying A Liquid Handler? click image for article from LabWrench

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“To PM or not to PM, that is the question.”

With sincere apologies to The Bard, this is a quandry that is often faced by many lab managers when their facilities group or a vendor informs them that a preventive maintenance procedure is being scheduled. How do you know when … Continue reading

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Support My…Asset

For all you self-maintainers out there, some great reference sites; Lab Wrench – a great Q & A site where folks can post questions and get the community of users, maintainers and current/former field service techs.   Not always the fastest … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need An Extended Warranty or Service Contract? (Part 2 of 2)

Although the patent for PCR expired back in 2006 and promised to herald in a new wave of low-cost thermal cyclers, the legal debate over Taq polymerase enzymes continues to make some manufactures nervous about the North American market.   Still, … Continue reading

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